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Welcome to the Second Cycle of Superstar Singer—the 10 cycle video lotto contest currently running on PublicVine NGA (Nigeria), in search of “Nigeria’s next superstar singer”! Each cycle has 7 rounds (5 qualifying and 2 elimination) and lasts about 7 days—so approximately 24 hours per round.



Superstar Singer and other PublicVine video lotto contests are run in partnership with EG&H Integrated Concepts lotto organizers, FreakSonar sound studio, Lizbun Concepts communication consultants, Fame Studios (USA), and Lenny LeBlanc (USA). Because it is licensed by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, Superstar Singer video lotto contest is geo-blocked to be accessed by Nigerian residents only and, of course, terms and conditions apply.



The top contestant of each cycle gets a finalist spot in the grand Fame Cycle whose winner gets a song and music video recording session at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA with Lenny Leblanc, legendary writer/producer of “Above All”. This is a NGN2.7 million package! Fame is the same studio where Aretha Franklin, Etta James, The Rolling Stones, Aloe Blacc, and other greats have recorded hit singles.


The First Cycle winners are:


Top Contestant: Ifeanyi Chime won NGN100,000 and is now one of the 10 Fame Cycle finalists.


Top Voter: Dele Woreni won NGN111,930 from the voters jackpot when his ticket was auto-drawn.


Congratulations to them, but you too can win—whether as a contestant or voter! Here’s how it works.


VideoLotto is a dynamic online and mobile gaming platform created by PublicVine. It is a unique competition to help Nigerian’s aspiring musicians monetize their content while giving Nigerian voters a chance to also win big by voting and supporting the musicians.


For an entry fee of NGN1,800 (5PVC) per contestant, Nigerian singers can monetize their 15 second music video by submitting it, then inviting “fans” in their social network—contacts in mobile, email, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms—to watch, vote, and pay in support of their video in a series of parings against other contestants. Each time their video gets a vote, the contestant gets 25% of the voting fee into their PVC account. For a singer, it’s like having their own concert management team.


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For each NGN200 vote a voter makes, the voter receives a digital lottery ticket by email which, if picked in the automated draw at the end of the contest, wins the voter a minimum of NGN100,000plusa portion of the 25% of all voting fees that accumulates in the jackpot during the cycle.


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Because the system is dynamic, voters can vote for as many video parings as they want. Some voters in the first cycle voted at as many as 7 times though the average votes per voter in the first cycle was 6. We’re certainly interested to see if the second cycle can beat the first.


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The contestant whose video survives several qualifying and elimination rounds wins their video lotto cycle. Each winning contestant of 10 cycles receives NGN100,000 and competes in a finale cycle called the “Fame Cycle”. The Fame Cycle winner wins the grand prize—a song and music video recording session at historic Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA, where Aretha Franklin and so many others in the last 60 years recorded hit singles.


At Fame Studios the winner gets their “15 minutes of fame” during which they would record their first single and music video—produced by legendary Lenny Leblanc. The music video would be distributed worldwide on the PublicVine streaming music platform.


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VideoLotto Contest Rules


  1. License: This video lotto contest is run in partnership with EG & H Integrated Concepts Limited, a national license operator, and FreakSonar, leading recording studio in Lagos, and is licensed by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.


  1. Duration: The submission period for the Second Cycle of the PublicVine Superstar Singer video lotto contest has begun. Submissions will end when voting starts on 2018 April 23 at 00:00:00 WAT. Voting will end on 2018 April 30 at 00:00:00 WAT. You can track the start time of each voting round in this cycle on your voting console.


  1. Eligibility: You must be 18 years or older and a registered user of PublicVine NGA to participate in the Superstar Singer video lotto.


  1. Structure: Each contest has up to 10 cycles. Each cycle has up to 7 rounds. This is the second cycle which is structured in two sets of rounds—1) 5 qualifying rounds, and 2) 2 elimination rounds. All videos are paired against one another in the qualifying round and voters can vote for as many pairings as they want. At the end of the qualifying rounds, the lowest scoring videos are eliminated and the rest advance to the elimination (“knockout”, semi-finals then finals) rounds in which “you lose, you’re out”. The winners of each bracket in each elimination round advance until only one wins the final bracket. The total number of rounds is determined by the Voting Period length and the number of elimination and qualifying rounds. The duration of each round is determined by the number of voting days in the contest divided by the total number of rounds. In this contest, each round will last one day, for a total of 7 days. The first 5 days will be qualifying rounds while the last 2 days will be elimination rounds. You can track the start time of each voting round in this cycle on your voting console.


  1. Submissions: Only one video entry is permitted per contestant. You must purchase enough PVC (PublicVine Credit) to submit a video entry. In accordance to PublicVine NGA Terms of Use regarding content owners, submitters assume all responsibility for their video entry and the amount of PVC they purchase. Tampering or otherwise interfering with another participant’s video entry is prohibited.


  1. Video Entry Cost: Cost of video entry submission is NGN1,800 (5PVC).


  1. Video Entry Duration: Video entry duration must be between no more than 15 seconds.


  1. Video Entry Disqualification: Your video entry will be disqualified if: 1) you are not located in Nigeria 2) you have already submitted a video entry 3) there are vulgar or inappropriate images or language in or packaged with your video entry 4) your video entry doesn’t meet the standards outlined in PublicVine NGA’s Terms of Use.


  1. Votes: You can vote one time in each video pairing. Pairings will change with each round. You must purchase enough PVC (PublicVine Credit) to vote. Voters assume all responsibility for their voting choices and the amount of PVC they purchase. Tampering or otherwise interfering with another participant’s vote is prohibited.


  1. Price Per Vote: Price Per Vote (PPV) is NGN200 (0.55PVC).


  1. Contestants: You make money every time someone votes for your video entry. For each vote, you instantly receive 25% of the Price Per Vote (PPV) in your PVC account. To enter the contest: 1) register or log into your existing account on PublicVine NGA, 2) watch the announcement video, 3) pay entry fee of NGN1,800 (5PVC), 4) upload video entry to the contest (must meet the standards outlined in these Rules), 5) Promote your video entry to your friends, family, and social networks. Remember that the more votes you get, the more money you make. You get NGN100,000 for winning your cycle and you also gain a spot in the Fame Cycle to be able to record your own single and music video at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA.


  1. Voters: Every time you vote for a video entry, you generate a unique lottery number (lottery ticket) which is sent to the email address you used to register your PublicVine NGA account. If your ticket wins, you win NGN100,000 and a portion of 25% of the amount that accumulates in the voter jackpot during the cycle.


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